Friday, August 10, 2007 Plan your day thru the web

I had always wanted to checkout ways for spending my weekends in a better way. Till date it was only the newspapers and some friends who used to come for rescue when it came to deciding the day, but, from now on, I can always checkout the site called features the various events taking place in a city in India. The users have an option of adding there own events.

I particularly liked the event information and also the UI. The UI is clean and covers major Indian cities.

Is there anything that i would love to have on this site to increase its usability, well, YES... and here goes the list

1.) A planner kind of feature
2.) Integration with mobile.. like i should be able to view the events using my mobile.
3.) Alert system to alert me of the events i would be interested in...

Do you too have your own list of wannabies like mine?? If yes, do let me know and i will make sure that they listen.



Srividya said...

Hey this is a brilliant link. Yep alerts of upcoming 'events of interest' would be a great feature.. what else, let me think it out...

Sowmya said...

I also got a very informative website about latest and hot events happening in India.